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Diana Harrison - Breaking the Waves

“Family photographs and cine films are at the centre of what I do, particularly those lying around in pre digital family albums which I haven’t the heart to get rid of yet. Prompted by these photographic images which evoke a huge range of memories and emotions, my art practice is about recalling the past but working with it in the present,’ Diana says. ‘I am attempting to create a visual vocabulary which deals with memory, with historic stories, that inevitably have been fragmented and made unstable by time. The exciting thing is retelling the story in the present, making it visible in an artwork and hoping that the finished piece will resonate with a familiar truth but also something unexpected.”

This interest in making felt experience visible has been at the centre of Diana’s practice since she graduated from St Martin’s School of Art in the 1980s when her decision to go to art school interrupted a career as a journalist on national magazines. Moving to Spain in 1997, where she qualified and worked as a teacher of English as a foreign language, she also developed a strong interest in photography. Returning to the UK and moving to Kent in 2011, she continued to explore and investigate her area of special interest as a student on the MA Fine Art at the University of the Creative Arts in Canterbury. Diana has opened her studio to the public, run workshops, become an active member of the local art community and exhibited in Cumbria and the South East particularly in various venues in Folkestone. She has work in collections in Brazil, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.